Be The Success You Create
— Knowlej Ra
Louisiana-Native creator, lyricist, and live engineer who has found “home” in Brooklyn, New York.  From aggressive flows to smooth grooves, yet remaining conscious to the vitality of lyricism; Knowlej Ra is versatile to every end that will compliment the music and preservation of Hip Hop. 
He was the first graduate of Arkansas Baptist College’s Music Business Program, a top graduate and the recipient of the prestigious, “Advanced Achiever” Award, at Full Sail University, and has made his mark as an engineer working with legendary artists such as: Raekwon, Mobb Deep (R.I.L. Prodigy), Break Science, Pete Rock, Rahzel, and Erykah Badu to name a few.  He has also created lasting bonds working with the legendary Electric Lady Studios, famed “Home of Jimi Hendrix.” 


Committed to excellence, he shares his gift with any parts of the world that welcomes unprecedented heart and vision. Surviving and conquering multiple hardships in executing his passion, including homelessness and an aortic aneurysm... Knowlej Ra has devoted this journey in music to nothing less than victory.